We are a GA/PPP roleplay set 4 years after the events of Season 7 and 4 respectively (it should be noted that this RP is over a year old and so we are way past that date and into our own universe now). We are canon up to this point. We are a family of creative writers who are always looking to accept new members! Feel free to take a look around: read the rules, check out the available characters list, and see if you're interested in joining!
As of right now, we are currently not accepting OC's.
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Character List

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OOC Player Information:

Louise (Lexie, Lauren): GMT
Vicky (Mark): GMT
Amanda (Alex, Amelia): EST 
Kay (Arizona, Florence, Cristina): EST
Holly (Addison): EST 
Sarah (Owen): CST
Sydney (Charlotte): GMT + 12 h (NZ)
Dani (Cooper): GMT + 12 h (NZ)
Brodie (Larnia): NZ/EST
Cat (Callie, Elizabeth): GMT (UK)
Scott (Cooper): GMT
Sam (Erica, Bailey, Diane): UTC + 8  CHINA
Cass (Amber, Meredith): EST

If there are any mistakes or you don’t see your name here, please send us a message and we will correct it or add you.